January 3rd, 2008

In 1979, a relatively-unknown Philip Glass wrote music for an animated segment on Sesame Street called “The Geometry of Circles.”  It’s totally awesome.

Update, 6/19/09: Removed, then refound. Thanks, mom!

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    I just found out that the others (besides Big Bird) can now see Mr. Snuffleupagus. I haven’t kept up as well as I once...
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    Sesame St had a sneaky impact on my early mental development. Another example.
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    runawaytrainwreck:meredithnyc:ohhleary: ericmortensen:tristn:mills: this is amazing!
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    Holy shit I think I remember this. Ladies and gentlemen: fun with Trivial Pursuit tiles.
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    I def remember this too… it’s so calming! Seriously, if you need a 2:40 minute relaxation break, watch this.
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    tristn:mills: I totally remember this from my childhood, and it totally freaked me out back then. But now… it’s pretty...
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